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GCSE OL Math Question Bank

GCSE and IGSE OL Math question bank

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you can click any of the topics below, and you will be taken to specific set of questions relating to that topic. Some questions have been purposely easy in order for you to get used to the concept.
We continousley add new questions and answers to make the question bank a full comprehensive list.


Dividing decimal numbers
Multiplying decimal numbers
Calculating sequences – part 1 (easy questions)
Factorising expressions
Rounding Numbers
Adding fractions
Multiplying fractions

Prime Factors

Highest Common Factor


Multiplying brackets and simplifying an expression
Questions relating to the quadratic formula
Finding the value of X – part 1 ( Easy questions)
Finding the value of X – Part 2 ( Easy questions)
Finding the value of X – Part 3
Finding the value of X – Part 4


Calculating the slope of a straight line
Calculating the mid point of two coordinates


Circle Geometry – Part 1

Circle Geometry – Part 2


Calculating the mean of given set of numbers
Compounding interest


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